About us

About Us

Academia Wise is a dynamic new community designed to ensure that you achieve the very best you can. No matter where you are in your academic or working journey we can help you go further.

We are a team of educators, coaches, mentors and talent acquisition specialists who understand the need to stay ahead of the game. We are intent on providing a bespoke service to strategically plan your next steps, we want to take the pain out the application and search process, as well as equip you with the skills and tools to confidently progress.

Our regular meet-up events are intended not to just make it all about work and study but about socialising and networking too. And as the community grows, exciting additional development opportunities will present themselves.

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On joining the Academia Wise community a number of key services will be available to you.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our mentors are men and women who work in senior leadership and managerial roles.

Team Development

Academia Wise has vast and varied links to inspirational speakers and leaders from the industry.

Employment Opportunities

Heads of large organisations across the globe are always looking for a supply of talent.

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